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January 21, 2010


50,000 Spanish students will have at their disposal on 2010 a virtual collaborative platform to improve their school performance

Exlibris editions, in collaboration with EBD, provides 50,000 Stergo scholarships to promote determination on everyone's school success.

Exlibris editions, Stergo's promoter and owner, selected for the development of its platform the collaboration of EBD, pioneering proprietary-software provider for web applications development, and Xamedia, specialized company on development of applications and collaborative environments. Currently, Stergo offers Spanish students and schools 50,000 scholarships to manage, in a free manner from January 31st, its virtual collaborative platform.

With this initiative, Exlibris editions with the support of EBD, summons all professionals and parents that, committed with the future of education and the success of students, are searching for tools to bring classrooms up to date. "If anywhere someone is thinking about a tool that can make real the change to ensure educational success of the following generations, this person is thinking Stergo", says Daniel Sánchez, Stergo founder.

Stergo leads technology introduction in the educative environment, ensuring a responsible management of it. It is designed to guarantee success: it makes easier for parents, students and teachers to accomplish tasks that already exist among their responsibilities.

Stergo is, also, a multi-language platform that supports official Spanish languages as well as the most common foreign languages.

"This new tool makes easier the learning plan, improves performance and academic results. It also provides specific benefits for students as well as for academic staff and parents", points out Eduardo de Porras, Exlibris ediciones General Manager.

Learning how to learn, digital competition and personal autonomy

Specifically, this cooperative tool allows students to manage time with autonomy, plan personal work, obtain an evaluation of the study methods that have been used and resulting outcomes. Concerning academic staff, it enables them to provide work to the students, entrusts them assigned tasks on a subject, helping with work planning and creating new communication channels. In addition, it provides parents visualization of school and family tasks, knowledge about information on subjects and preparation students must accomplish as well as active communication with the academic staff.

"We believe it is important to collaborate with this kind of initiatives that provide real advantages for society, contributing in the enrichment of the whole educative community by means of new technology applied on different fields", assures Raul Martín, EBD Chairman and Founder. "We are willing to keep collaborating with this kind of projects, thus providing our tool to companies and institutions that promote cultural and social development”, adds Martín.

With the arrival of 2010, Exlibris editions with the support of EBD will carry out the first Stergo scholarship announcement, providing 50,000 free licenses of this collaborative platform, with the objective of fostering performance of Spanish students throughout the upcoming year. Licenses may be applied until the 31st of January and it is expected that on February the favored centers will be able to use the platform in a free manner until the end of the 2009/2010 academic year.

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