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Press Releases

10 Febreruary 2020

Madrid, Spain

EBD has created Cobra Periodic Inspection Management System

The ACS industrial subsidiary, Cobra, has chosen EBD for the implementation of its periodic inspection program.

Labor inspections are one of the most important processes for Cobra, one of the largest companies in its sector. Reason for which they needed a robust and yet flexible solution to manage their inspection programs.


EBD has implemented a system for managing clients and buildings for inspection by their property managers, allowing compliance with safety regulations.  The new platform enables the reception of notifications when it’s time to perform new actions and the full management cycle of the workforce.


The new solution improves the efficiency and safety of the inspections that Cobra performs every day, allowing to maintain a comprehensive inventory of all the associated actions.


Cobra’s implementation is yet another proof of EBD’s Low Code Platform benefits. Excellent Time-to-Market and cost reduction. 


Web: cobra.ebd.com

For more information, visit: http://Cobra.ebdsoft.com.

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