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Press Releases

21 May 2019

Barcelona, Spain

EBD implements EIS Group Mobile Payroll System

EBD has developed and implemented the new payroll system for EIS Grup, a leading company in the cleaning services sector.

Generate payroll documents is one of the most important process in EIS Grup, so they have decided to change the way the execute this process, choosing EBD to define and implement the new system, helping the company become more efficient and saving costs by eliminating manual processes.


EBD has designed a payroll solution, that only needs employees ID’s to generate payroll documents. This new system can be synchronized with instant messaging services such as: Whatsapp or SMS, allowing mass mailing of payroll stubs to employees.


The implementation of this instant messaging payroll system reaffirms the capacity and versatility of EBD's Low Code platform, creating complex solutions with less coding while reducing costs.



For more information, visit: http://Eisgrup.es.

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