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January 11, 2012


Shortcut Solutions presents Prolog, a CRM type solution

Prolog allows the management and integral control of product catalog and dynamic generation of personalized quotes for customers.

Prolog has been developed to assist efficiently to trading companies and distributors in the sale of products or projects, actively supporting the user in the integrated management of the sales process and its relationship with the customer.

Prolog allows the administration of product catalogs, the price management, brand profiles, customer tracking, generation and publication of contributions customized automatic delivery of e-mail quotes, user profile management, indicators and statistics among others.

The product is customized based on customer's style book and being developed with the EBD platform allows to add easily new functionality to client's request without a high cost.

Prolog is marketed through a comfortable recurring payment, which includes all the personal service, administration, maintenance, support and improvements that our development team is constantly implemented. On the other hand, Prolog is a web service, so you do not need to install any hardware or software or purchase expensive equipment to use, only is necessary to have a browser and an Internet connection, Prolog does the rest.

For more information, visit: http://www.shortcut.com.co/.

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