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November 11, 2011


The monitoring of volcanic evolution in El Hierro, on live, with EBD Web Video Player

"Not only allow us to serve the social demand to follow the phenomenon on live; also is an important advance in terms of Civil Protection", said the Cabildo president of El Hierro, Alpidio Armas.

Telefonica has launched a streaming system composed of video cameras and servers, that are supported in content distribution platform of the operator (CDN) and on the EBD video player.

For each point of view, has been installed a specific camera in a station of Telefonica that captures and sends the image of the area where is the submarine volcano to video-streaming server that encodes and optimizes the video signal.

For any web user who wants to access the live images of what happens in La Restinga, has enabled a website with streaming flash viewer to which it is accessible from the URL http://www.hierroendirecto.movistar.es.

Also the website of  the City Council Emergency http://www.emergenciaselhierro.org and the main page of the Insular Institution www.elhierro.es, offer the possibility of access to the images.

For more information, visit: http://www.hierroendirecto.movistar.es.

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